How to Remove PDFs/Images


exp date isn't null, but text field is


When you want to remove a guideline or pathway from the App you will have to remove it from both Media and Content separately.

To remove it out of the media folder, go to Media:

Screenshot of Media button with orange arrow pointing at it.

Then navigate down to where the document is kept, using the little triangles to open up the lists. Once you have found the document you want to get rid of, click on its name. Then when you are sure you have selected the correct one, click on Actions in the top right corner. Click on Move.

Screenshot of options under Actions button.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list that opens up, until you see Archive for Toolkits (DO NOT REMOVE). Again, use the triangle to navigate down to the section you want to move your document to, click on its name (a green tick should appear), and click on Move.

You have now successfully moved your document out of the active media folder and into the archive.


Now on to removing it from the Content section. Go to Content at the left-hand side.

Screenshot of Content button with orange arrow pointing at it.

Find the guideline or pathway you would like to remove in the list on the left-hand side and click on its name. This should open up the content editor for this specific guideline on the right.

Before we can unpublish and archive the page we need to update a few things in the Editorial tab. Go to the editorial tab:

Screenshot of Editorial tab.

Once there scroll down to Review Notes and add today’s date and a short sentence describing why you are archiving/removing this guideline or pathway. For example, 03/10/2022: archived as no longer relevant (add your name or the persons who made the decision).

Then scroll down to Document ID and change its value to today’s date and year, for example, November 2022.

Once these two fields are updated click on Save and publish at the bottom right corner.

You are now ready to move the page into the archive. The first thing you have to do, is go to the bottom right of your screen and click on the little triangle next to Save and publish. This should give you the option to click Unpublish.

Screenshot of Save and publish button options.

When it asks you if you are sure, click the red Unpublish button.Screenshot of Are you sure pop up.

The name of the guideline or pathway in the list on the left should now be greyed out. To now remove it from the live system and archive it, go to Actions at the top right corner and click on Move.

Screenshot of Actions button options.

Once you have clicked on Move a list of all the toolkits will open up, here you need to scroll all the way down until you see the grey out toolkit called Archive (Do-Not-Publish).  Click on the name and a green tick should appear next to it, then click on Move.

Screenshot of ticked Archive toolkit.

You have successfully moved the page into the archive.

Last reviewed: 09 November 2022

Next review: 06 November 2024

Author(s): NHSL Clinical Guidelines Team

Version: 1

Approved By: Ania Matuszewska

Document Id: November 2022