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Getting Started with the App

On your mobile device go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for ‘NHSL Guidelines’. Download the app and open it.

NHSL Guidelines App in App Store and Google Player

Select your options in regards to notifications (users of Apple's iOS).

App’s Features and Utilities

Access a tutorial — explore the app menu and useful utilities.

Quick Menu offers options such as sample toolkit, feedback and support.

Quick Search allows you to type your keywords to a search box and find relevant content. This is a basic search functionality.

There is a number of useful utilities/functionalities available within the system, such as: 'Send feedback to resource editors' (represented by a speech bubble icon), 'Add notes r comments to look back (represented by a clip icon) and 'Pin your favourite resources for quick access' (represented by a pin icon). Just tap the tree dots (an eclipse icon) at the bottom of your screen to access them.

NHSL Guidelines Toolkit

If the COVID-19 toolkit (or any other toolkit than NHSL Guidelines) will launch by default, change it to the NHSL Guidelines toolkit.
Tap the burger menu at the top right corner of your screen. The menu will expand and at the bottom right corner of your screen a blue cloud icon will appear. 

A lunch screen of the COVID-19 toolkit.

Tap on the blue cloud icon to access a list of available toolkits.

The Burger Menu & Blue Cloud Icon.

Select to download the NHSL Guidelines toolkit to your device.

Remove the COVID-19 Toolkit. Tap and slide left the COVID-19 Toolkit and select ‘Delete’.

NHSL Guidelines & Selection of Toolkits.

Toolkits are bundles of useful information and resources. You can add and/or remove them.

Tap on the NHSL Guidelines. The launch screen will open with tiles/icons for the following toolkits:

  • Guidelines
  • Medical Scores and Calculators
  • Referral Pathways
  • Medicines Guidance
  • Antimicrobial Guidelines
  • COVID-19.

You can make further selections or search for information you are interested in.
To navigate between the content use a back button/arrow and/or cross button on your screen.

There is no need to download any other toolkit as all of them are linked behind the NHSL Guidelines toolkit — the default toolkit allowing access to all toolkits.

In addition, each of the toolkits can be used individually and downloaded separately on your device if required. If you have more than one toolkit on your device use the burger menu at the top right corner of your screen to move between them.

Keeping the App Up-to-Date

The App is being developed in phases. It remains a work in progress and will be updated regularly. You will notice an exclamation mark signaling changes to the content within the App.

An icon representing the Local Guidance & Resources node within the COVID-19 Toolkit with an exclamation mark signaling changes to the content.

Filter (Fast Filter) - Content Grouping Within Sections

It is difficult to quickly navigate to pages and/or content you want when facing a long list. You can use ‘Filter’ functionality to improve your experience and group relevant content.

The filter functionality is available within NHSL Guidelines app in a shape of a filter box, where you type your keywords.

Use the ‘Filter’ box at the top within a selected section and start typing your keyword, e.g. ‘Stroke’. The list of pages/content will change instantly to reflect your needs.

The filter functionality is available within NHSL Guidelines app in a shape of a filter box, where you type your keywords. The word type in the box is 'Stroke'.

Browser Recommendations

In order to view and use this website, you should use a web browser other than Internet Explorer. Options include: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
These modern browsers will provide you with faster and more responsive browsing and an overall improved experience on the web.

NHSL Mobile Devices

NHSL Guidelines App is typically available to all NHSL mobile devices for install or pushed as an automatic install. If this is not the case for you, please contact the eHealth IT Service Desk.

Password-protected PDFs Not Opening in the App on Android Devices

Use the NHSL Guidelines website to open and view the password-protected PDFs in a web browser on the Android devices. The ability to view password-protected PDFs inside the app is not part of the current app specification, it does work on iOS/Apple devices as part of the in-built PDF viewer, however the Android PDF viewer does not support this function.

Author(s): NHS Lanarkshire

Reviewer Name(s): Ania Matuszewska